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Arrow Rock (Journals)

Arrow Rock is committed to promoting and providing a mature environment for Lindenwood University students to publish quality short fiction, short nonfiction, poetry, essays, and artwork, while showcasing the integrity and individual talents of each writer or artist.

International Journal of Emerging and Disruptive Innovation in Education : VISIONARIUM (Journals)

ISSN 2831-3550

The journal provides a diverse, interdisciplinary forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed scholarship, data, and research addressing intersections of education and technology. Education in all domains increasingly incorporates emerging technologies and their novel use in learning environments, such as current pedagogical explorations of gamification, mobile and adaptive learning, digital humanities, machine learning, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Immersive Realities, to support innovative teaching methods and engaging learning experiences. With the rise of new educational platforms and metaverses, iJEDIE focuses on emerging trends in research to bridge the artificial divide between scholarship and innovative pedagogical applications. Submissions to iJEDIE will include, but are not limited to, the following themes of interest:

  • Emerging technology and pedagogical application in specific disciplines or learning environments
  • Issues and applications in secondary education
  • Issues and applications in post-secondary education
  • Application of education technology in enterprise, industry, and nonprofit environments

iJEDIE is the sponsor of the panel, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Education. Please visit the website for more information on the schedule, abstracts, and presenter information."

Journal of Educational Leadership in Action (Journals)

ISSN 2164-1102

ELA, Journal of Educational Leadership in Action, is an open access online peer review journal offering its readers a global platform on research-based educational practice. ELA is published by the Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education and Human Services at Lindenwood University.

ELA includes current research and essays on a wide range of educational topics: administration, instruction, curriculum, assessment, adult learning, higher education, and international education. Manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis.

Journal of International and Global Studies (Journals)

ISSN 2158-0669

The Journal of International and Global Studies provided a multidisciplinary forum for the critical discussion and reflections on the consequences of globalization throughout the world for the past ten years. The Spring/Summer May 2019 issue Volume 10, Number 2 of the journal was the final issue. We want to thank members of our editorial board, and our International Advisory Board below for the support and contributions to the journal. We featured essays, review essays, and book reviews that dealt with globalization from economists, historians, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, geographers, linguists, religious, ethnic, or environmental studies specialists, cross-cultural education, media and communication researchers, or other humanities or social science scholars that had an international and global focus. One of our goals was to help undermine the fragmentation of specialization within the international academy by emphasizing broad interdisciplinary approaches to the comprehension of globalization in all of its many different forms and implications for different regions of the world. We believe we have helped fulfill this mission for ten years.

Missouri Policy Journal (Journals)

ISSN 2330-930X

The journal is focused on issues relevant to Missouri policy makers as well as the public interested with the complexities associated with policy making. The journal strives to present articles in a detached and analytical manner but written so they can be read by the educated adult reader.

The Confluence (Journals)

ISSN 2150-2633

Lindenwood’s Journal of Student Scholarship is an online, interdisciplinary student journal. The mission of The Confluence is to promote high quality research and scholarship among undergraduate and graduate students by showcasing exemplary work and by fostering mentor/mentee relationships between faculty and students. In keeping with the strong tradition of real experience, real success, The Confluence also provides a forum for students to become actively involved in the writing and publication process.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

The Confluence (2009-2020) (Journals)

ISSN 2150-2633

This was the second iteration of the Confluence that ran from 2009 to 2020. The first version ran from 1968 to 1972. The current version of The Confluence can be found at The Confluence

This version of The Confluence was a regional studies journal published by Lindenwood University, dedicated to the diversity of ideas and disciplines of a liberal arts university. It was committed to the intersection of history, art and architecture, design, science, social science, and public policy. Its articles were diverse by design.

The Lindenwood Review: a journal of literary prose (Journals)

The Lindenwood Review literary journal publishes fiction (short fiction and flash fiction), creative nonfiction (personal essays, lyric essays, and flash nonfiction), and prose poems (block format). The journal is published annually, and students in the university's MFA in Writing program serve as editorial assistants as part of their MFA coursework.

Original, unpublished work may be submitted from July 1 through October 1 via Submittable (no fee). Submissions are welcome from both emerging and established writers. We are looking for fiction with believable characters and a vivid story; creative nonfiction that is well-crafted and fiercely honest; prose poems with a distinctive atmosphere and interesting use of language; and mostly, work that moves us as readers and inspires us as writers. We look forward to reading your work! .

Visit Submittable to view our submission guidelines.

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Undergraduate Psychology Research Methods Journal (Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health Department)

The following journals are meant to help inspire students to conduct their own research and to possibly get ideas from, and network, with past student researchers.