International Journal of Emerging and Disruptive Innovation in Education : VISIONARIUM


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the conservation of cultural heritage marks a significant transformation in preservation methodologies, heralding both innovative solutions and complex ethical dilemmas. This article undertakes a comprehensive examination of the multifaceted role AI plays in the conservation and restoration of cultural artifacts, buildings, and sites, underscoring the irreplaceable value of human skills and ethical judgment in this domain. Through an analysis of current research, case studies, and insights from professionals in the field, the paper elucidates how AI technologies—encompassing machine learning algorithms, digital twinning, and predictive maintenance—can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of conservation efforts. However, it simultaneously addresses the ethical quandaries these technologies engender, including the risks of inauthentic restoration, the perpetuation of biases, and the erosion of cultural sensitivity. By advocating for a balanced approach that leverages AI's capabilities while safeguarding against its potential pitfalls, the study calls for establishing interdisciplinary governance frameworks and ethical guidelines to navigate the intricate interplay between technological advancement and cultural heritage preservation. Ultimately, the paper posits that the integration of AI into cultural heritage conservation necessitates a symbiotic relationship between technological innovation and the nuanced, irreplaceable human element, ensuring that efforts in preservation are as ethically informed as they are technologically advanced.


April 1, 2024



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