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With a greater demand for ingenuity and innovation in today’s creative economy, educators need to be creative practitioners inasmuch as students must be, learn, and grow creatively. This qualitative study explores the affordances and constraints of youth creating with immersive learning technologies at a Youth VR Research Camp. A class of 28 students in grade 8, ages 13 and 14, were invited to participate as the co-researchers. The data collection methods included artifact analysis, student-led pair interviews, sharing circles, surveys, and observation. The process of research-creation involved MultibrushVR and FrameVR design challenges focussed on pro-social and environmental change. Findings revealed that the immersive experiences provided flexible learning pathways for the youth to take creative risks, exercise autonomy over their learning, and co-design with peers in novel ways. Although a few co-researchers reported discomforts, such as dizziness or nausea, from using the Meta Quest headsets, a significant 94% expressed interest in further learning through VR. Furthermore, 78% concurred that VR facilitated creative self-expression, while 88% acknowledged having the freedom to make decisions about their learning in VR. These findings indicate that immersive education, when effectively designed, can be a viable strategy for teachers striving to nurture creative learning and creative thinking in their classrooms. The data collected in this study serves as a foundation for future research on the role of immersive education in augmenting creativity and facilitating self-directed learning.

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The Co-Researchers Learning, Thinking, and Creating with VR

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Three Co-Researchers Interviewing Each Other on Their VR Learning Experiences


July 17, 2023


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