Journal of Educational Leadership in Action

Editor-in-Chief: Robyne Elder, EdD, Lindenwood University
Copy Editor: Laura Metcalfe, EdD, Lindenwood University
Consulting Editor: Lynda Leavitt, EdD, Lindenwood University

ELA, Journal of Educational Leadership in Action, is an open access online peer review journal offering its readers a global platform on research-based educational practice. ELA is published by the Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education and Human Services at Lindenwood University.

ELA includes current research and essays on a wide range of educational topics: administration, instruction, curriculum, assessment, adult learning, higher education, and international education. Manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 (2020) Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


Welcome to our fall/winter 2020 issue of the Journal of Educational Leadership in Action (ELA). We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented and uncertain times, and we hope that the research presented here can bring insights into your current leadership roles or educational environment. This issue provides perspectives and research on the COVID crisis and education, teacher professional development, preparing principals and hiring teachers, supporting student teachers and students, leadership theories, and much more. We welcome and value your readership and encourage you to submit to future publications.

Editor, Robyne Elder, EdD



Challenges of Remote Teaching for K-12 Teachers During COVID-19
Nancy L. Leech, Sophie Gullett, Miriam Howard Cummings, and Carolyn Haug


Preparing Aspiring School Principals: One Field-Based Approach
Maria de Lourdes Viloria, Lori Leyendecker, Graciela Brondo, and Michael Salinas


Why Principals Hire Recent Graduates from a Teacher Preparation Program
Laurie James, Joy Mahaiko, and Jonathan Schwartz


Becoming a Highly Effective Elementary Teacher and How to Support Teachers' Development
Tim Pressley, Riley Isom, Chalon Johnson, Amy Barnes, and Laura McAuliffe


Increased Ambiguity and Resistance While New College Leaders Learn Their Roles
Christopher A. Gearin, Brian Dunican, and John Castles


Issues and Challenges Facing Supervision of Secondary Education in Nigeria in the 21st Century
Yusuf Suleiman, Nike Yetunde Sidikat Ijaya, Mustapha Adam Ishola, and Okwara Uche Joshua