Journal of Educational Leadership in Action

ELA, Journal of Educational Leadership in Action, is an open access online peer review journal offering its readers a global platform on research-based educational practice. ELA is published by the Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education and Human Services at Lindenwood University.

ELA includes current research and essays on a wide range of educational topics: administration, instruction, curriculum, assessment, adult learning, higher education, and international education. Manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis.

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3 (2023)

The Spring 2023 issue of the Journal of Educational Leadership in Action (ELA) provides research into varied leadership practices such as how leaders can make more informed decisions, how school leaders can directly support school and classroom conditions to improve student outcomes, and how school districts address teacher attrition. Further, this issue contributes research on instructional practices and varied perspectives such as insights to barriers and supports to effective literacy instructional practices, the impact of closed captioning and student Lexile reading levels, perspectives on a national transfer credit system, and a review of literature focused on curriculum, instruction, and leadership as a practice of reflexivity in world language education. We welcome and value your readership and encourage you to submit for future publication(s).



Where Does the Buck Stop? A Framework Analysis of Systematic Barriers and Supports to Effective Literacy Instructional Practices
Jennifer Barrett-Tatum, Courtney Shimek, Jennifer Manak, Chelsey M. Bahlmann Bollinger, and Debra K. Wellman