Corsairs and Krakens

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A competitive drawing board game that features asymmetrical play between two teams of two, themed around corsairs and krakens. The goal of the corsairs is to reach the treasure at the end of the board while the goal of the krakens is to wither down the corsairs' health pool and stop them before they reach the end. Teams take turns drawing one of three prompts from the cards provided, having only 30 seconds to draw while the other teammate guesses what it is. Correctly guessing as a corsair allows them to advance a space on the board. Correctly guessing as a kraken allows them to draw a card and play its effect, either dealing damage to the corsairs' 100 point health pool, or getting a variety of effects that change what must be drawn their next turn. Along the board are spots the corsairs can land on to draw their own cards. These effects range from moving along the board an extra space or being pushed backwards a space, to effects that change what they must draw on their next turn. Healing cards are rarer but will provide a boost of health if corsairs are damaged. The game encourages teamwork and competitiveness between the corsairs and krakens. The prompts for drawing are also simple enough for those with any level of artistry to be able to play. However, part of the entertainment from the game comes from the rushed drawings, as the time limit of 30 seconds is short and specifically made to keep players on their toes. Even trained artists may find the time constraining.

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Fall 10-11-2023