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On September 28, 2021, the City University of New York- CUNY’s Institute for Health Equity (CIHE) hosted the online panel: Health, Health Care, and Health Disparities Among Latinx Population as part of the Speaker Series for Hispanic Heritage Month. The panel was conformed of four experts representing scientists, managers, and future researchers from the biomedical field. Participants were CUNY students, faculty, and individuals from the broader NYC community affiliated with CUNY college campuses. The panelists represented different professional roles, fields, and interests. The common denominator among them was their personal and professional commitment to serving Latinx populations. The main discussion focused on: the need to develop structural interventions that address societal factors to maximize the effect of clinical and individual-based interventions; the role and importance of community engagement; the need to use advocacy and community-centered approach; the significance of flexibility to adapt research portfolios and geographic location, which COVID-19 highlighted; and the need and urgency to increase the pool of Latinx HD researchers and practitioners at all levels and in all stages of the career pathways


Andres Valcarcel, History Department, Lehman College, City University of New York - CUNY

Maria-Isabel Roldós, Associate Professor Department of Health Sciences | Lehman College| CUNY Institute of Health Equity | City University of New York – CUNY

Judith Aponte, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing | Hunter College | CUNY Institute of Health Equity | City University of New York - CUNY

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