Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


This study is part of a larger dissertation study that explored perceptions of Public Relations (PR) among graduate higher education publics regarding distance learning as contrasted with face-to-face learning contexts. Today, online degrees are seen as inferior to traditional, face-to-face classroom degrees, and because one primary goal of obtaining a higher education degree is to receive gainful employment, this portion of the dissertation study assessed employer perceptions of online versus traditional education at the graduate level. Human resource administrators from educational establishments who had experience hiring people with graduate education degrees were interviewed. The findings of this study indicate that employers have a positive impression of online learning, dependent on the discipline. However, employers do not hold a positive view of degrees obtained from for-profit institutions. Lastly, the findings indicate that colleges and universities should strive to ensure rigor and quality in their online offerings while exploring ways to engage students in their virtual classrooms.


Cessna Winslow is an Assistant Professor and Internship Coordinator with the Department of Communication Studies at Tarleton State University. She received her doctorate in Instructional Leadership from Lindenwood University in 2014. Her research interests include experiential learning, service learning, and strategic communication.

Logan Allen received his master’s degree in Communication Studies from Tarleton State University in 2019, and is a Stephenville, Texas-based independent researcher.

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