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Indigenous learners represent a pool of untapped talents for positively influencing Canada’s economy. But there is a policy need to better enable indigenous learners’ access to higher education. This study presents a synthesis of views and perspectives extracted from eight published studies concerning Aboriginal educational experiences. Canadian indigenous learners were found to have the following views regarding their experiences with post-secondary education: anxiety about moving away from home, trepidation about transitioning from rural to urban spaces, uncertainty about social acceptance and long-term prospects; fear of racism and racial exclusion; and worry that their traditions will not be acknowledged or respected.


Raywat Deonandan is an Epidemiologist and Associate Professor with the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Ghayath Janoudi is a PhD student in the School of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Ottawa. Mara Uzun is an Ottawa-based independent researcher. Acknowledgements: This work was made possible by a knowledge exchange grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Author Contribution Statement: RD conceptualized the project and wrote the manuscript. GJ strategized and performed the systematic literature search. MU and GJ conducted data abstraction and extraction, and performed the thematic analysis of extracted qualitative data.

Conflict of Interest: The authors report no conflicts of interest.

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