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Many states are introducing or revamping evaluation systems for school counselors. The viability of such systems depends greatly on their ability to help school counselors implement and adhere to comprehensive school counseling programs. This study illuminates counselors’ perceptions of the evaluation process regarding the four components (foundation, management, delivery, accountability) of the American School Counselors Association national model. Surveys of school counselors reveal they perceive the evaluation process to help very little in implementing and adhering to the foundation, management, and accountability components of comprehensive school counseling programs, and to be only somewhat helpful in implementing and adhering to the delivery component. This study indicates a need for renewed emphasis on preparing principals to effectively facilitate the evaluation process.


Nick Elam, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Ball State University. He has served in a variety of roles in P-12 schools, including as a principal, assistant principal, athletic director, and teacher, at the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels, in diverse and rural settings. He joined the faculty at Ball State in 2017 after earning his PhD at Miami University. Dr. Elam’s research focuses on teacher evaluation systems.

Rachel Geesa is Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Ball State University. Her research agenda includes exploring academic, professional, and personal development and support of educational leaders. She received her EdD from Ball State University. Prior to joining Ball State, Rachel has studied abroad in multiple international settings and was a school administrator for the Department of Defense in Japan and the U.S.

Renae Mayes is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and School Counseling in the Department of Educational Psychology at Ball State University. Her research interests include African American males, exceptional children, and urban education. She received her PhD in Counselor Education: School Counseling from The Ohio State University.

Kat McConnell, M.A., is a current PhD student studying Counseling Psychology in the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology at Marquette University and a former graduate assistant in the Department of Educational Leadership at Ball State University. Her research interests include doctoral mentoring, collaboration between counselors and educators, grief and loss, and multicultural issues in the mental health field.

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