Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


Jennie McFadden


Twice-exceptional students are being over looked because the identification process is one sided and/or eliminates dual diagnoses. Twice-exceptional refers to students who are both gifted and have a disability (Segen’s Medical Dictionary, 2011). The method in which this research was completed included reading scholarly journals, textbooks, and educational websites. Although some children with autism are also gifted, never the less, the gifted talents of these children are often overlooked and not supported, because the disability masks their abilities, testing criteria, and behavior. The results identified that, because the students’ disability camouflaged their areas of giftedness is being over looked. By educating teachers on how to properly test and teach students who are twice-exceptional, educators can facilitate the proper instructional methods. Twice-exceptional students have many variations including autism. It is important to address both areas so that the students are being challenged and taught using both ends of the spectrum.

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