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Dr. Edward Haynie


The American education system is continually in pursuit of equity, mirroring our nation’s pursuit of equity for citizens and non-citizens in all areas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There should not be discrimination towards any individual on the basis of sex, race, or physical disability. A person’s sex has always been a consideration within the confines of the American educational system. The question as to whether or not separating the sexes is advantageous for boys and girls to give them the opportunity to excel academically in the classroom learning environment is worth serious contemplation. Especially, when considering the plight of African American students in urban environments who need more supports in place to be on an equal footing with their Caucasian counterparts. This study proves that separation creates a more focused environment for both boys and girls to academically improve, but there must be a buy-in and commitment from all stakeholders. Separating sexes for the sake of separating without the vision, the purpose, or the fidelity of following the educational philosophy behind the process of the model, will not thrive. Normandy School District meant well, but the systems behind the model are just as important as the model itself. As educators may we remember this as we put in place and establish any educational model to improve our school systems.


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