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Master of Art


Creative Writing

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Michael Nye

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Eve Jones


Physician Lawrence "Doc" Bass lives in Ellington, Missouri. Forced to close his practice due to crippling arthritis, Doc has resigned himself to early retirement-until the day he meets Aubrey, a boy with an unusual birthmark on his back. Aubrey fits perfectly into the already quirky family of Hickcocks. He may be just a child, but strange things-good things-begin to happen whenever Aubrey is around. But not all of the Ellington folks feel the same way about him; some have an agenda for the boy. Doc, his good friend Sheriff Baines, and a host of other folks come in contact with Aubrey and his family during the boy's early years. ··Rock Child" explores what happens in a small town when faith and science, friends and strangers, and courage and fear collide.