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Master of Science



First Advisor

Arlene Taich

Second Advisor

Joseph Ancona

Third Advisor

Mike Ewald


This study was done to develop an understanding of what determines a sexual harassment victim. The purpose was to determine if women, who are unskilled and lower paid, have a higher risk of being sexually harassed.

The survey was conducted in the St. Louis area. The sample consisted of both men and women working at various skill levels and incomes. There were 201 respondents, consisting of 132 women and 69 men.

The survey results were analyzed and compared to surveys taken in other geographical areas. This was to determine if there were any differences based on demographics.

The findings of the survey did not support the hypothesis. The St. Louis survey and the other surveys researched showed that a woman's skill level and income were not the main determinants of sexual harassment victims. The surveys showed that age and marital status were the main characteristics that determine a harassment victim. The surveys showed that single women between the age of 25 and 35 were more likely to be sexually harassed.