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Master of Art



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Rebecca Glenn

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Gerald Slusser

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Conrad Sommer


This study attempts to determine , through research of the literature of transpersonal psychology, if a specific paradigm for psychotherapy is present in that literature.

The research is viewed from a theme analysis perspective which attempts to isolate the major characteristics of the description s circumscribing transpersonal psychotherapy that emerged consistently . Certain consistent patterns did, in fact, emerge.

The articles are considered against a background that includes the historical appearance of the trans personal movement, the influence of Eastern traditions, a transpersonal model of the person, and various conceptualizations of therapy, transformation, and ultimate liberation.

An appendix is included consisting of reviews of therapy- related articles that appeared in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology from its inception in 1969 through 1984.

The study concludes that although a "transpersonal condition" may exist in therapy under certain circumstances , no evidence appeared to confirm the existence of a discrete and generally applicable psychotherapeutic paradigm as the term is defined at the outset of this thesis.

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