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Master of Science in Health Science Management

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Betty LeMasters

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Marilyn Patterson

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Susan Healy


Today's health care system is in a state of constant flux attempting to merge, decrease jobs and increase profits. A method to accomplish the goal for increased profits is to have a decline in the number of days any patient remains in the hospital. One such facility attempting to achieve this goal is a 340 bed acute care hospital in the Midwest.

ln the view of the author it seems possible for the physical and occupational therapy departments to have the ability to improve outcomes and decrease the total amount of time any patient remains hospitalized. With this in mind, the author suggests an approach by which the physical medicine department can develop programs to accomplish the goals outlined.

Upon examination., total joint replacement comprises one of the five most common diagnoses at the site hospital. Therefore, the plan the author offers attempts to address the total joint population. The concept is a pre-surgical education program to answer patient questions, alleviate patient fears, and instruct patients in therapeutic exercises to improve strength prior to surgery. The following culminating project describes in detail its conceptualization through implementation as well as ideas for future development of such a program.