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S. Mills

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Nicki Juncker

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Ann Canale


It is the position of this paper that masks have a viable place on the stage today. As we look at the historical usage and at the present views of masks, we will see the mystical effect of masks has not changed. Although our technology has improved, masks still create a mystical illusion for the audience and for the actor. Learning of the many techniques and approaches to mask-making has been a delightful experience. I must thank Niki Juncker for the many times she has cleared my muddled thinking. Without her guidance I am sure this project would not have been completed. I must also acknowledge the encouragement I found in the writings of E. G. Craig in his book on the Art of the Theatre. "Did you think when the longing came upon you and when you told your family that you must go upon the stage that such a great longing was to be soon satisfied? Is satisfaction so small a thing? Is desire a thing of nothing that a five years' quest can make a parody of it? But of course not . Your whole life is not too long, and then only at the very end will some small atom of what you have desired come to you. And so you will be still young when you are full of years" (p . 8).

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