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The purpose of this paper was to justify the need for teachers to realize the value and accessibility of manipulatives in their classrooms. Principals in the Francis Howell School District felt the need from the comments made from their respective teaching staffs. A flyer sent to all K-2 district teachers describing the purpose of the workshop, substantiated the principals' feelings. A workshop with funding for each participant was set up for July 18. Research of literature and attendance at manipulative workshops by the presenter helped to build the knowledge and techniques that would be used in the presentation. An outline of the math areas to be covered was devised and then many hours were spent in making and preparing the manipulatives thought to be most useful for each workshop concept. Careful thought was given to the arrangement of the room and the ease and accessibility of the materials so that there would be optimum learning time. Surveys completed before the presentation and after, along with an evaluation, proved helpful in assessing the six hour workshop. The presentation netted a 100% response from the participants that using manipulatives is valuable to students and they could stimulate thinking.

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