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Master of Arts in Studio Art



First Advisor

Grant Hargate

Second Advisor

Joseph Weber

Third Advisor

Dennis Schmickle


This project focuses on the body of sculptural work I created and the influences and outcomes surrounding it. Throughout this project, I focused on making both physical and conceptual connections and working with materials in playful and novel ways. Process, play, and experimentation all came together to create improvisational works of collage and sculpture. These works, often made from repurposed, discarded or mundane materials, have formal references to functional or recognizable objects, but the focus is on the relationships and connections between pieces. An ethos of resourcefulness and “making do” permeates the work, much of which is built with tenuous attachments and unconventional approaches. My process revolves around the connections between learning, playing and making. It privileges spontaneity and risk-taking over predetermined outcomes––venturing without knowing where you are going while making use of what you have. This exploration culminated in a series of small-scale sculptural works that came together as a set of installations and permutations. These investigations also resulted in tangential explorations that will provide potential avenues for future bodies of work.

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