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Master of Art in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship



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Chajuana Trawick

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Erica Blum

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Caira Butler


Grier and Associates d/b/a Ellen Couture Designs (ECD) is a fashion subsidiary that creates garments comprised of vintage inspired lingerie and nightwear. This line is paying homage to the owner, Robyn Grier’s, grandmother, Ellen Sutton, who was a professional seamstress, patternmaker and designer. My final project will be an illustration of 10 garments created for Ellen Couture Designs Fashion line.

have sketched 10 designs that will be the initial collection for Ellen Couture Designs. A description of the garment and its historical significance will be provided. It is a common trend for the fashion designers and the industry to create garments that replicate historical fashion. My literature review will discuss and support the styles and fashion trends of modern-day fashion lines and fashion shows and specifically will describe the decades and eras that inspired the Ellen Couture Design vintage lingerie and night wear. Next, my literature review will discuss designers and fashion lines who have paid reverence to a person or ancestors. One example I plan to discuss is The House of Dereon, which was created by Tina Knowles and Beyonce Knowles-Carter, to pay homage to Beyonce’s grandmother. I plan to explore other lines that did the same. Lastly, an illustration of garments that inspired the line, a muse of the target population and a color palette board of my signature colors will be created. I will discuss the Adobe Illustrator software that was used in the making of the fashion show and the importance of patternmaking when crafting garments utilizing software programs. The final presentation will be a PowerPoint presentation which will start with a familial history of fashion, illustration of ten signature garments with description that was created in Adobe Illustrator, and the tech pack for each garment.

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