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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Carolyn Scott

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Michael Wood


This thesis will l focus on the influence that culture and environmental differences have on international marketing.

The world has gone through some major changes within the past several years, especially in the area of marketing. It has become an open marketplace . Even the very concept behind marketing has a different meaning today. For example , marketing was once viewed a s simply selling a product or service. In today's business environment, marketing is more customer oriented . Customer satisfaction is the key element.

Today many companies have ventured into t he foreign markets . Some have gone international to introduce new products or simply to acquire c heap labor. Whatever their reasons were, research has shown that the most critical element to understand when doing business abroad is the cultural, social and environmental differences . These differences can have a profound affect on a firm' s marketing strategies .

The purpose of t his study is to investigate how those companies who are doing business internationally are handling cultural and environmental differences .

It is hypothesized that the most critical element when doing business in a different culture is adapting to that new culture and environment.

An analytical study was conducted through library research . The results of the study produced enough evidence to justify accepting the hypothesis and to conclude that adaptation is the key to doing business successfully in the international market.

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