Faculty FAQS

CAN FACULTY MEMBERS PRESENT WITH THEIR STUDENTS?Projects that included faculty on the research or development team may be submitted, provided that students completed the majority of the work. Faculty members do not participate in Student Academic Showcase presentations, but all contributors should be given recognition in the presentation and/or poster.

IS A FACULTY NOMINATION REQUIRED FOR STUDENTS TO APPLY?No, a faculty nomination is not required for students to be able to submit an abstract. A nomination allows us to get into contact with students who have exemplary work to encourage their participation.

WHY SHOULD I NOMINATE STUDENT PROJECTS?In the past, nominated students have comprised a large percentage of the participant pool. Students have also stated that, until they were nominated, they did not realize their project was acceptable for presentation at an event like this. A nomination allows us to contact students with exemplary projects to encourage their participation.

CAN I NOMINATE MORE THAN ONE PROJECT?Yes! Please nominate as many exemplary and original projects as you wish. Complete a separate form for each project that is nominated.