The Lindenwood Review: a journal of literary prose

Volume 1, Issue 9 (2019)

Issue 9 of The Lindenwood Review features "Don't Make Eye Contact" by Elizabeth Parker Garcia, the winner of our Flash Nonfiction Contest.



Like Snow in the Wind
Logan Jorgenson


Jar Of Honey
Rebecca Pyle


Twilight's Last Gleaming
S. Frederic Liss


Blood and Belonging
Jamiece Adams


Nuclear Winter
Anastasia Jill



Dave Gregory


A Lifeline
Catherine Ellington


Our Wasting Youth
Anita Levin


Theo Greenblatt


Mojave Labor Day
Jeffrey Alfier



the thing about death
Taylor Napolsky


Down The Long Night
Gloria Keeley


Ella Flores


To my father's lungs
Lukas Ray Hall


River People
Caroline Collins


Four Poems
Aidan Coleman


Work Force
Charles Springer


The Gall of Euderus Set
Amanda Mueller


The Broom
Danny P. Barbare


Rock Paper Scissors
Ana Merino


Shutz Juden
Eli Blinkovitz


I remember after
Jo-Anne Cappeluti


City & You
Janice Majewski


little fires / bones
Rebecca Carlson


I Didn't Mean to Scare You
Michelle Brooks

Flash Non-Fiction


Don't Make Eye Contact
Elizabeth Parker Garcia


Something Sharp and Cold
Amanda Hadlock


Carolyn Oliver


Garage Sale
Sarah Broussard Weaver


Pommel and Glitter
Tamzin Mitchell


Amanda Bramley


Beth Mead
Poetry Editor
Gillian Parrish

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