Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


Annette Perez


This article presents the findings that investigated the relationship between a principal's practice in resource allocation and how it promotes a school’s collaborative culture.

Participants of the study were New York City (NYC) Department of Education (DOE) school principals who scored a four or above on the NYC Survey School Measures of “Effective School Leadership.” The independent variable was principal practice defined as resource allocation. The dependent variable, collaborative school culture, was defined as scoring 90% or above on the “Collaborative Teachers” measure of the NYC School Survey. The study was guided by the question: What is the relationship between a principal’s practice of resource allocation and a school’s collaborative culture?

Through the use of an online survey, this study aimed to gain a better understanding of school principal's practice of resource allocation and its relationship with a school’s collaborative culture. Pearson Correlation was used to examine the relationship of a school principal's practice in resource allocation on a school’s collaborative culture. In studying the relationship between a school principal’s resource allocation practice and its relationship with a school’s collaborative culture significant positive relationships were found in the re-directing of monies for reduction of class size, allocating monies for professional development over the summer, and the solicitation of input from all teachers and staff when planning the school budget.


Dr. Annette Perez, Ed.D., holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from The Sage Colleges. Dr. Perez is an educational leader with over 20 years of experience in the New York City Public schools. Dr. Perez has years of experience as a Classroom Teacher, a Staff Developer, and School Leader. Dr. Perez has taught a Program Development/Grantsmanship class at Alfred University where she teaches and empowers students to pursue new opportunities to enrich their community at large. Dr. Perez is passionate about improving educational equity and works to uplift traditionally underserved communities.

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