Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


Poverty is not a new struggle for families and students. Urban school districts have been plagued with high poverty rates for years, but now poverty is growing at substantial rates in suburban schools. Chronic absenteeism is one recurring problem that high poverty schools, of every typology, face on a regular basis. The case study presented here highlights the work of one urban principal in combating chronic absenteeism in her school. The purpose of this paper is to explore attendance problems in a high-poverty school. While this case study depicts a principal in a high-poverty school in an urban area, the lessons learned from combating chronic absenteeism in this setting will be examined to determine what techniques can be transferred when working with disadvantaged students and their families in suburban schools.


Dr. Jane Beese, Associate Professor, Youngstown State University, Teacher Education and Leadership Studies; [email protected]

Dr. Melissa Mlakar, Part-time Instructor, Youngstown State University, Director of Curriculum at Riverside Local School District; [email protected]

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