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Doctor of Education



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Roger Mitch Nasser

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Annie Alameda

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Robyne Elder


The profession of education traditionally embodies an idea of educating children on math, science, social studies, and English along with other elective course areas. In recent decades, however, the burnout rates and mental health of educators have become a subject of media attention and the basis for many new professional development programs. The one element wholly ignored in this space is the physiological wellbeing of educators and the impact physical health has on mental health and job satisfaction. This study set out to provide a baseline for beginning the discussion and future research on the physiological impact on educators and how to improve the lives of educators, how they interact with students, and how to improve the physiological preparation of future educators. While this study did not conclusively identify the connection between nutrition and fitness and educators’ overall job satisfaction, it did highlight the gap between the public service occupation of education and that of other public servants, as well as highlighting the emerging connections between nutrition and mental health.

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