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Doctor of Education



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Tanya Vest

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Shelly Fransen

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Nichole Lemmon


The focus of this study was to examine the correlation between student engagement and successful completion of online alternative courses during the summer session from June 2022 through July 2022. The research questions focused on the difference in engagement levels between students who completed the course and those who did not complete the course. The study was motivated by the growing importance of alternative online programming in education. This study also aimed to fill gaps in existing research that failed to directly connect student engagement to the success of online programs. The findings provide valuable insights for school leaders, teachers, counselors, families, and students in developing and implementing effective online alternative programs for at-risk students. The research also contributes to identifying potential barriers to learning and student success in online settings. The findings of this study assist in changing current practices for alternative online programming to better meet the needs of struggling or credit-deficient students. Overall, the study highlights the importance of student engagement in online learning and its role in promoting student success and improving graduation rates.

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