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Doctor of Education



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Shelly Fransen

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Tara Roberts

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Robert Baker


This dissertation explored the challenging nature school climate holds within the realms of organizational and building effectiveness among building leaders, staff, and students. Difficulties associated with organizational climate were identified. There are numerous factors that contributed to shaping school climate and school climate is also highly dependent on perceptions (McGregor, 1960). Through an interdisciplinary focus between targeted motivational efforts and administrative leadership styles, this study aimed to discover a new understanding of central climate and leadership factors which might lend to a more positive environment. Despite the substantial amount of critical work performed within this study, recommendations for future research were also included to close any existing gaps within the research. This study sought to provide a new understanding of the concepts, conflicts, and contributions that targeted motivational efforts and leadership styles have, offering readers a new understanding of school climate, 21st-century educators, and learners alike.

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