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Doctor of Education



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Shelly Fransen

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Tara Roberts

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Travis Kite


Teacher leadership has been viewed as a way for educators to address their unmet professional needs (Bond, 2021). Teacher leaders ultimately have the means to create a positive school culture overall (Kiral, 2020). This mixed-methods study included a substantial look at the perceptions of educators, from one school district in Southwest Missouri, in regard to teacher leadership and its effect on school culture. The study was also designed to analyze factors that contributed to developing teacher leaders and to positively benefit the school’s atmosphere. Focus group interviews were conducted to gain insight regarding the perceptions of instructional coaches and administrators on how teacher leadership is fostered and supported. A survey was conducted to certified teachers to better understand their perceptions of teacher leadership and relevant factors that contribute to a positive school culture. Most participants within the study agreed that teacher leadership does correlate with a positive school culture. The results from this study also provided information in regard to ways that teacher leadership can be created and strengthened. The results of this study can generate wisdom and advice for educators when striving to create a positive school culture through teacher leadership.

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