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Doctor of Education



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Shelly Fransen

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Brian Wilson

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Jared Terry


Virtual learning and COVID-19 drastically changed the landscape of education. School districts were forced to think about education differently, and COVID-19 led schools and communities into unfamiliar territory with daunting trials and tasks (Pressley & Ha, 2021). The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to add to existing research and examine how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted teachers and school districts during their transition to virtual learning. The social cognitive theory and self-efficacy theory were utilized as the conceptional framework of the study. Phase one of the study included a quantitative survey from one Southwest Missouri school district. A focus group interview with six participants revealed qualitative data in phase two. After analyzing survey data and the focus group interview, three themes emerged, communication, administrative support, and self-efficacy. Implications of this study include the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on teachers’ transition to virtual learning through communication, professional learning opportunities, teacher preparedness, and collaborative school culture.


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