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Learning management systems (LMS) are digital tools used to comprehensively deliver education in various settings, including higher education. Using LMSs has been shown to support learner-centered instructional practices and, when used well, to support positive learning outcomes in students. While previous research has examined student use and satisfaction with an LMS, little research has explored student perceptions regarding LMS design. The study evaluated undergraduate students’ perceptions and opinions of an LMS’s design. The study also sought to compare students’ attitudes regarding their LMS during pre-COVID and following the pandemic’s onset. Forty-five students participated in a survey, and three participated in an interview. In general, students felt that the design of the LMS adequately supported their learning needs. However, the results showed differences in desired features and navigation methods between learning levels and degree programs. The study found that instructors have a critical role in designing courses to support students’ learning needs. Specifically, students desired more consistency in design between courses and within each course and felt that many instructors could benefit from additional training in using the LMS effectively. Study participants also indicated a desire to customize their LMS experience, and did not seem to mind using external tools, regardless of whether they were integrated within the LMS. In general, students had similar attitudes about their LMS at the time of the study as they did before COVID. The results of the study can be applied in the selection and support of LMS at colleges and universities. Higher education institutions should consider providing more structured support and development opportunities to front-line instructors to provide a more streamlined experience for their learners that fully support learner-centered instructional practices.


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