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Dr. Shelly Fransen

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Dr. Laura O'Quinn

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Dr. Travis Kite


The joking comments throughout the halls of elementary schools between teachers, “it is going to rain soon” or “a storm is brewing,” seemed to be just a hard day’s excuse. The purpose of this mixed methods study was to understand if there was accuracy in these joking comments. Beginning with quality classroom management and understanding student behaviors, this research examined educators’ perspectives on changing weather and the behavior of their students in their classrooms. In order for a comprehensive understanding, quality classroom management was the most important aspect. Classroom management is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching (Gage & MacSuga-Gage, 2017) yet is crucial to effective learning in a classroom (Sieberer-Nagler, 2016). The framework was developed around Sieberer-Nagler’s Effective Classroom-Management & Positive Teaching (2016). Originally, data was attempted to be gathered from three Southwestern Missouri School Districts. However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, teacher participation was low. Therefore, the study was downgraded to a case study gathering data from one district in the Northeastern Region of Texas. Survey responses were gathered and a panel of three participants in a focus group provided the data for this research. Survey responses were quantitative, and the focus group responses were qualitative. Implications of this study include the significance of educators having adequate classroom management training, classroom management strategies, understanding of student behaviors, and flexibility.


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