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Doctor of Education



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Dr. Graham Weir

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Dr. Will Vanderpool

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Dr. Leigha Wetter


This study aimed to address current support, the effectiveness of services, successful programs, critical resources, potential outcomes, and limitations for the school district's transition services through the program evaluation. The researcher developed a qualitative research study focusing on six research questions to provide recommendations on special education transition services for post-secondary success. The researcher and dissertation committee developed a survey distributed to 121 employees of the study's district. The minimum number of survey responses was surpassed by three, resulting in 33 responses. The survey questions gathered responses to provide information about the district's special education transition programs and services that prepare students for postsecondary life. The survey asked if the participant would volunteer for a follow-up interview with the researcher. If participants chose to be interviewed, they were required to leave their contact information which then opted them out of submitting the survey anonymously. All respondents who did not volunteer to participate for the interview within their survey response then submitted the survey anonymously. Of the 33 responses, 10 of the participants elected to volunteer in a follow-up interview to support the researcher's objective to identify additional and in-depth information regarding the key components of the school district's special education transition programs and services. Through the implementation of a survey and interviews, the researcher collected response data that developed common narratives to support each of the research questions. After all surveys and interviews were recorded, the researcher connected each research question to responses generated from the survey and interviews. The researcher aligned the response data from both data collecting tools to the most appropriate research question(s) to support the researcher with accurate information that supported evidence for making recommendations. The researcher successfully discovered imperative resources needed for post-secondary transition and potential post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities. The program evaluation's response data supported the researcher's conclusion that the study's school district provides effective transition services but has limitations that restrict the services from meeting the full potential and supporting additional students.


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