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Dr. Francesco Giuseffi

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Dr. Janette Ralston

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Dr. Janessa Toro


This study investigated the self-directed learning (SDL) attributes of call center employees and explored the impact of an adaptive learning intervention used within the corporate training program. In order to explore the perception of the learners, the self-rated scale of self-directed learner readiness (SRSSDLR) survey instrument was used to gather participant feedback (Williamson, 2008). Qualitative data was collected from the surveys, completion scores were gathered through the LMS system, and performance data focused on trainee proficiency on the job following training. Quantitative analysis was conducted using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient, and t-tests to determine relationship between the self-directed learning attributes and the outcome on the course completion scores, as well as each business efficiency metric.

Results revealed that the participants rated highly in the SDL measures scoring a mean of 235.5 out of a 300 total score, based on the SRSSDLR survey instrument. The majority of learners acknowledged the valuable impact of adaptive learning on their learning experiences. While the researcher initially anticipated lower SDL scores in the participant population, results revealed higher scores. Qualitative feedback revealed that 17% of the learners commented that the heavily scheduled and restrictive learning environment competed with their ability to direct their own learning to deepen knowledge acquisition. The mismatch between teaching technique and the student’s stage for learning was evidenced in alignment with Grow’s (1996) research on choosing the teaching techniques in alignment with the learner’s needs. The theme of constant change competed with the learners’ abilities to keep pace with all the changes while meeting performance demands on the job.


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