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Dr. Roger Nasser

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Dr. Bob Steffes

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Dr. Graham Weir


Diversity in classrooms across the United States continues to grow. In order to evaluate teacher education programs and explore how they prepare pre-service teachers with culturally responsive teaching practices; the researcher conducted a mixed-methods study. After analyzing teacher education programs through course syllabi, conducting interviews with administrators and curriculum leaders from the college of education, and surveying pre-service teachers the researcher gave a descriptive analysis of the findings. The course syllabi from three Midwest universities were analyzed using the CEEDAR matrix tool. The syllabi fell into one of the following three categories, curriculum and instructional planning, classroom management, or cultural diversity. The study further examined culturally responsive teaching practices and the preparation of pre-service teachers from the perspective of administrators and curriculum leaders in the college of education. The researcher also surveyed pre-service teachers and their level of self-efficacy in the implementation of culturally responsive teaching practices.

The findings of the study revealed more similarities than differences in the teacher education programs. Furthermore, the study discovered that most administrators, curriculum experts, and pre-service teachers favored early exposure to diverse field experiences, texts, and materials to aid in the deeper understanding of culturally responsive teaching practices. The researcher proposes explicitly teaching and measuring culturally responsive teaching practices within the teacher education program to ensure a culturally responsive teaching pedagogy is the standard in future classrooms.


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