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Dr. Sherry DeVore

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Dr. Brad Hanson

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Dr. Kathy Grover


The Leader in Me is a school transformation process that focuses on teaching and embedding Stephen Covey’s (2004) seven habits into the school day. The seven habits are a framework and process for transforming school culture but are not taught as a scripted curriculum (Covey et al., 2014). This mixed-methods study was designed to analyze the perceptions of elementary teachers, counselors, and principals regarding the Leader in Me process and to look at its effects on school culture and leadership. Surveys were sent to teachers and counselors in three Missouri elementary schools who had implemented the Leader in Me for at least three years. Principals from the schools were interviewed to determine their perceptions of the Leader in Me process. Survey data were analyzed for frequency of responses, and coding was used to identify themes from the interviews. Most participants agreed the Leader in Me has a positive impact on school culture and leadership. The results of this study can provide support for districts and principals when implementing the Leader in Me to ensure implementation occurs with fidelity, support, and opportunities for voice.


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