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Dr. Sherrie Wisdom

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Dr. John Jackson

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Dr. Phillip Jones


The purpose of this study was to gather the effectiveness of the Industry Recognized Credentials in preparing Career and Technical Education students’ postsecondary opportunities. This study sought to explore if students’ exposure to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programing and attainment of Industry Recognized Credentials leads to positive postsecondary placement for Kansas City Public High School students. The researcher collected data from the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 school years.

The researcher conducted a t-Test for difference in proportions, and the data revealed that the percentage of graduates attaining IRC for 2020-2021 was significantly higher than the previous years. The data showed a significant enrollment drop with no recovery in the next three academic years. The results from the survey data indicated that 72.5% of students planned to attend a two-year or four-year institution following graduation. The survey results revealed that 64.71% of the student respondents stated they were familiar with the Industry Recognized Credentials offered within the KCPS. The results from the focus group showed that students across the district were somewhat familiar with IRCs. Some respondents believed that the CTE program was designed only for manual jobs within the skilled trade areas, such as construction, trade, and auto technician. They were unaware the program could lead to college, as well as careers.


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