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Dr. Roger Nasser

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Dr. Tonya Thompson

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Dr. Rebecca Panagos


Co-teaching is a commonly used instructional model allowing students with disabilities access to the general education curriculum with their general education peers. General education and special education teachers instruct together, and the relationship between the two teachers is paramount to the team's success. When a co-teaching team is successful, all students benefit from the partnership. Administrators who take time to match teachers together based on personalities and learning preferences can increase the chances of success in an inclusive classroom. Unfortunately, relatively little research linking personality compatibility with effective co-teaching and relating personality similarities of the co-teachers to student engagement, student achievement, teacher planning, or teacher job satisfaction is available. The purpose of the study is to understand how personality may impact co-teaching relationships. The methodology is mixed methods. The quantitative data collected included Likert scale surveys and a personality type online survey to determine personality types. The qualitative data included focus group discussions, interviews, and classroom observations. The qualitative data collected occurred virtually as this study occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the schools were closed to in-person learning. The results of the study indicate personality types do impact the co-teaching relationship. Co-teachers with similar personality types report planning together weekly, increased job satisfaction, high student engagement, and increased student achievement.


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