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Dr. Kathy Grover

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Dr. Dennis Cooper

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Dr. Sherry DeVore


Approved by the Missouri State Board of Education in 2016, the Missouri Learning Standards “define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade-level and course” (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education [MODESE], 2021g, About the Missouri Learning Standards section). State-mandated end-of-course assessments, such as the English II end-of-course assessment, are directly aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards and are administered in courses that have content associated with the standards (MODESE, 2021c). The purpose of this correlational study was to determine if significant relationships existed between teachers’ perceptions of the guaranteed and viable nature of Missouri Learning Standards and student achievement on English II end-of-course assessments. The framework for this study was based upon Marzano’s groundbreaking concept of a guaranteed and viable curriculum and Marzano’s claim that students will achieve at higher levels when the curriculum is both guaranteed and viable (Marzano & Eaker, 2020). This study was significant because no research existed regarding the guaranteed and viable nature of Missouri Learning Standards (C. Neale, personal communication, July 14, 2020). Analyses of quantitative data collected from 53 English II teachers across 32 Missouri public school districts were used to answer seven research questions. The findings from this study revealed no significant correlations between student achievement and teachers’ perceptions regarding the extent to which Missouri Learning Standards are viable, guaranteed, grade-level appropriate, understandable, unpacked and prioritized, and aligned to end-of-course assessments. The conclusions reached in this study have significant implications for the development and implementation of state-wide learning standards in Missouri and across the United States.


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