Are High School GPA, Rank in High School Graduating Class or ACT Scores Adequate Predictors of College Freshmen Success?

Donna Lee Nack, Lindenwood University


Purpose This study was developed to determine if High School Grade Point Average, High School Class Rank or the ACT scores were effective measures of college freshmen success. Procedure 1. Eight hundred twenty one first-time freshmen were admitted to Lindenwood University in 2005-2006. 2. Of those students, the required information was available for 536 students. 3. Fifty-eight students were used for this study. Findings 1. A statistical significance was found in the correlation of High School Grade Point Average and freshmen success. 2. The ACT scores did not result in as significant a correlation as did the High School Grade Point Average. 3. High School Class Rank added nothing to the predictability of the regression equation.