Date of Award

Fall 10-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)



First Advisor

Dr. Lynda Leavitt

Second Advisor

Dr. Sherrie Wisdom

Third Advisor

Dr. Joseph Alsobrook


The purpose of this action-research case study was the investigation of possible pedagogical transformations teachers experienced through participation in professional development training of Essential Questions and student learning; specifically student questioning, reading, and math achievement. The research in this study investigated two core focal points: the possible shift in a teacher’s transformational practices after participation in professional development on Essential Questions (McTighe & Wiggins, 2013) and whether the implemented transformational practices led to a possible difference in student questioning skills in grades two through eight on the Measure of Questioning Skills, student achievement in STAR Math, and STAR Reading in grades two through eight. The researcher designed and implemented professional development for the faculty during one school year, based on Essential Questioning (McTighe & Wiggins, 2013) utilizing an enhanced digital lesson planner and on-line web forum, each designed by the researcher to support the components of professional development and collect data during the research period. The researcher utilized the Measure of Questioning Skills (1993) pre and postassessments with teachers of grades kindergarten through eight and students in grades two through eight, a qualitative survey of participants comprised of a questionnaire, interview, observation, lesson plans, and discussion boards, as well as classroom observations, teacher interviews, pre and post-survey questions, and reflective journaling to measure possible change in the level of implementation of Essential Questions demonstrated by teachers. Secondary student data included STAR Math and STAR Reading pre and post-assessments from grades two through eight. iii Teacher perceptions reflected positive adoption of Essential Questions into lesson planning and teaching practice. Teacher participants demonstrated transformed practices of lesson planning, room design, and teacher-student interactions. Gathered data revealed a statistically significant increase in student achievement in STAR Math and STAR Reading assessments. Teacher participant Measure of Questioning Skills reflected statistically significant changes, as well. Student Measure of Questioning Skills revealed a significant increase in Stage 1 - Organizing Information questions, categorized as factual and procedural questions and an observable increase in Stage 3 - Extending Information questions, categorized as hypothetical and speculative questions.


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