Dear Friend: Letters from Elizabeth Ott to Alton Easton

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This is the culmination of a class project created by students in Dr. Elizabeth Fleitz's English 36500: Digital Humanities course during Fall semester 2020.

This site collects the letters of Elizabeth Ott, Lindenwood College teacher, written to her fiancé Alton Easton, in 1847-1848. Her letters are long, chatty, and give insight on people and events in the St. Charles area at the time, as well as illuminate the personality of Ott herself. We have transcribed each of these letters, and briefly summarize and annotate them to guide the reader in their exploration.

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Fall 11-2020


Thanks to the Missouri History Museum for making these documents available for use, and to Lindenwood Archivist Paul Huffman for giving access to Lindenwood photos and assisting with research.