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Master of Arts in Digital and Web Design



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Justin Kussman

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Erica Blum

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Ben Scholle


This project focuses on the creation and use of 2D motion graphics to enhance the user experience of applications on the web including but not limited to social media, educational and entertaining digital videos. The aim of this project is to enhance skills in the creation of 2D motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe Illustrator while benefitting the user experience of visually delivered moving graphics to capture more of the audience’s attention rather than the traditional use of static imagery. Experience gained with research on 2D motions graphics and Adobe After Effects with then be transferred and utilized to enhance business applications using 2D motion graphics for marketing promotion and entertainment.

The research conducted used the qualitative methodology to explore 2D motion graphics, user experience, and design methods. Research was exploratory in nature and covered trends, best practices, and how motion enhances the user experience in the use of digital video for web applications. Research materials consisted of peer-reviewed sources, such as journals and publications, from such databases as EBSCO and Gale and published within the last 3 years. Some of the supplementary research came from industry respected websites that specialize in motion graphics, design, and the web.

Research obtained on 2D motions graphics and user experience will be put into practical application by creating a four-part video series, which will collectively be 10-20 minutes in length and hosted on YouTube. The video series will briefly highlight the use of color theory, kinetic typography, best practices for social media platforms, and advice on efficiencies and things to know when using Adobe After Effects for motion graphics creation to streamline the creation process.


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