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Master of Science



First Advisor

Samuel Zibit

Second Advisor

Nancy Klepper

Third Advisor

Jerry Bolandis


This study is a predictive validity study employing subjects who were currently employed as psychiatric nurses on the four locked psychiatric units at Barnes Hospital, in St. Louis, Missouri. The purpose of the study was t o examine the relationship of four tests of social intelligence or behavioral cognition, and on the job performance, looking for a correlation between test scores and successful job performance . The criteria of job performance employed in the study were five scales designed by the researcher according to the behaviorally anchored scales model of performance reviews. Employees were rated by their respective supervisors using the five scales which were rated from 1-7 with 1 denoting poorest performance and 7 denoting the best performance . Scores on the four tests were summed to form composite scores in accordance with the test author's endorsement of this approach for research efforts involving complex performance criteria .