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Master of Fine Arts in Writing


Creative Writing

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Beth Mead

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Mark George


Moments of Connection explores author Kimberly Knaust's relationship with literature, her sense of the world 's beauty and strangeness, and her certainty that identity is an ever changing thing, never stagnant or limited but something which sheds the unnecessary and blossoms with every moment of choice.

Anti-Nostalgic is a novella in which the amnesiac protagonist Ariel struggles against both her own martial impulses and the ruined world in which she awakens. In a dystopian future, one in which the environment has collapsed and there is a shortage of potable water, Ariel chooses sides in the battle for control of the world's remaining resources and, at the same time, creates a new identity for herself. The piece focuses on the idea that identity is dynamic and malleable, that one creates one's identity through choice and through action.