Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Social Media and Digital Content Strategy

First Advisor

Andrew Smith

Second Advisor

Krista Tucciarone

Third Advisor

Ben Scholle


This project is over industry professionals within a relative field of Digital Content Strategy, and their professional experiences as it relates to the global pandemic that hit the United States in 2020. This virus (COVID-19) has boosted us into a predominantly digital world, with little analysis on how society is to handle or adapt. The final deliverable is short documentary offering insight on industry professionals within the field of study. The “New Normal” takes a unique approach on analyzing the state of the field as it relates to the pandemic, focusing on the personal experiences these industry professionals went through within their professional lives, and how they dealt with the trials and tribulations the pandemic brought about. These industry professionals are listed below: • Adam Birke: Virtual Fitness Coach, Music Coach, Zoom Consultant • Bronwyn Ritchie: Digital Transformation Strategist at Worldwide Technology • Keenon Anthony: Director, Filmmaker, Content Creator, Photographer • Maddie Raineri: Social Community Director at Cannonball Agency • Rashida Dinehart: Lead Strategist at Media Cross

Included in

Social Media Commons