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Master of Arts in Education



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Gene Henderson

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Diane Denney


During the 1988-1989 school year, a teacher intervention program with "at risk" students was implemented at Wentzville High School. The project involved ten ''at risk" students who were currently enrolled in a reading class. These subjects were in grade nine through twelve and all had been labeled "at risk" by the district . The criteria used was several failed courses, excessive absences, repeated behavioral problems and a general inability to get along with their educators as well as their peers . An attempt was made to see if teacher intervention could help these students succeed in school by improving their grades, increasing their attendance at school, and decreasing their behavioral referrals.

The results of this study indicated that the subjects' grades were improved as a result of this intervention but that their attendance did not improve a statistically significant amount and that their office referrals increased by 4% . This increase could be a result of the study taking place second and third quarter and being compared to the students' behaviors first quarter, when the students ' behaviors are generally more acceptable. The subjects during first quarter are not as familiar with their surroundings and have not experienced as much failure in school as the subjects experienced second and third quarter. This could lead to inappropriate acting out responses, increasing their number of office referrals.

A possible weakness in this study was not having a control group. The study also took place over a relatively short period of time and during a time when other events could have affected the results. The results indicated a need for further study in t his area to help the students stay in school. Dropping out could no longer be an option, enhancing the students' lives, as well as their role in society.