Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship


Fashion Business

First Advisor

Dr. Chajuana Trawick

Second Advisor

Ameli Skoglund-Blaser

Third Advisor

Randi Chervitz


The purpose of this project is to build a small scale handcrafted product and business from scratch that incorporates sustainable practices. There are many factors that make up a business. For this project in particular, the main concern will be centered around all aspects of the product and customer experience, including finding a niche, the aesthetic, branding, packaging, pricing, sustainable practices, and creating a business plan. This project will follow the steps described above to discover a niche and the basis upon which this handmade business will be derived from, providing a physical example of what a thoroughly thought-out handcrafted product and startup business plan would look like.


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