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Master Art in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship


Fashion Business

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Dr. Chajuana Trawick

Second Advisor

Shevare' Perry

Third Advisor

Ameli Skoglund


This study explored the plus􀂱size apparel fit and the satisfaction of the plus􀂱size women in the United States. According to researchers, there is a well-known gap for apparel grading when it comes to plus-size apparel. This study took a qualitative approach and used structured interviews and surveys with twenty plus-size women size 16 through 22 and ages ranging from 22 through 50 in the Midwest area. The results of the interviews and the survey indicate the plus-size woman is unsatisfied with the fit of their clothing, more specifically the fit of their pants. The results indicate there are many variants that can cause the fit of a garment not to fit as intended. In this industry, advancement of apparel mass production to include mass customization is imperative. The research questions this researcher intended to answer were:

  • What is the current plus-size apparel dissatisfaction for the top three body shapes?
  • What pattern shape changes should be made on plus-size pants?
  • Can we achieve a good fit with the traditional grading? In theory, does it make sense to create a grade rule for various body shapes?
  • For mass customization, should plus-size apparel align with menswear techniques?


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