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Rebecca Glenn

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Nancy Polette

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John Freeman


The substance of this project is a discussion of the need for and the value of a gifted education program in the schools of De Soto, Missouri . As a teacher in the elementary schools of this district for eight years, I have seen the need for such a program time and again, as I watch the gifted children who pass through my classroom struggle for acceptance and identity among his or her peers. I have tried to establish this evident need based on the very uncertain scores of our achievement tests, which at this time, is the only basis I have for my study.

Chapter two establishes criteria and procedures for identifying gifted students. The Department of Education's Marland report was used, along with the guidelines set forth by the state of Missouri, and some suggestions offered by Roger Taylor.

Chapter three sets forth the basic components of a gifted program, based on the Missouri state guidelines, as well as a comparison of programs nationwide and some alternatives for such programs.

The last chapter of my project is a step-by-step procedure for establishing a gifted program in a sequential manner .

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