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Master of Arts

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Marilyn Patterson

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Jeanne Rohen

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James Evans


This study was designed to add to the body of empirical knowledge about law enforcement occupational stress utilizing the compassion fatigue/compassion satisfaction model developed by Figley and Stamm. The predictions that intimate contact with trauma victims will increase the risk for compassion fatigue and burnout was evaluated yielding results that established no difference between law enforcement personnel with direct contact and those that had little or no contact with trauma victims. The suggestion that secondary trauma has a cumulative effect on persons exposed over time was also investigated showing that in this population of police officers, a cumulative impact did not appear to exist. The proposition that compassion satisfaction or the degree to which one is supported and feels in some sort of control will reduce the risk factors for compassion fatigue and burnout was assessed yielding results establishing no significant correlation between compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue. The results regarding a relationship between compassion satisfaction and burnout were evaluated showing a correlation.

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